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Day one

I am trying a new product called U-turn from uweightloss. This is the clinic I have been going to for the past year and a bit. I have had great success with the program. Food  logging, coaching, healthy homemade meal plans, natropathic supplements, step counting. Alas I have hit a plateau. I am trying U-turn and I think it will work, it involves a very filling supplement smoothie for snacks several times per day, three higher protein meals, and  a detox supplement.

I have adjusted my goal weight to be 168 which will give me 80 lbs lost, you can do the math to figure out my highest weight 😉 I think that will also help me mentally. My original goal was 160 which I think that I will eventually reach, especially if I keep up with the triathlon training. But for now 80 lbs gone will be a great achievement. Then I can get my tattoo, I have only been blabbing about it for 6 months or so. I think I might get three small stars on my left inner wrist and 5 stars on my right foot. That will be a star for each 10 lb lost and the three stars can represent my hubby and my two girls as well, reminding me to be a good example for them.


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Tattoos with meaning


star tattoo 1 Where to Find Star Tattoos Pictures

This is not my tattoo, just an idea off the ol’ Internet

Those of you that found your way here by googling star tattoos stick around and read a my blog. It is meant to be inspiring for those who want to lose weight, gain fitness, or just be inspired.

I watched The Proposal  this weekend. It’s a romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The movie was quite heartwarming as well as funny. Sandra Bullock’s character has a tattoo that has a special meaning (I won’t ruin it for you). I really want to make sure that I have the tattoo right before I commit it to my body. I think I am going to book the appt for September, after all of the swimming at the beach  sun exposure, and I hear they get booked up quickly. While I am waiting I will figure out where to put it and what exactly I want it to portray.

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BIG milestone



I have reached another weight loss milestone. Yesterday I was down 60 lbs. I wore scrubs that actually fit and everyone at work really noticed the difference in my appearance.  My ID tag has a picture on it from 2 years ago and that woman does not even look like me anymore. I should get a new one made but I think I will wait until all of the weight is gone.

My mom came up with a brilliant way of commemorating my weight loss incriments. She started giving me carefully selected collections of rocks, which she weighed with a scale down by the river. I think this is a cool way of visually representing the weight loss. I have two big piles of rock in my garden and I will be eligible for another now.  I look at the pile of rocks and think there is no way I could pick them all up and carry them for any distance.  HELLO!  You used to carry all that weight around everyday, no wonder it was hard to walk up stairs without gasping for air!

However you choose to do it having a visual reminder of the weight you have lost is very valuable. Some other ideas are.

:: buying bags of flour that represent the weight you have lost and in the end donate all the flour to the food bank.

:: bags of potting soil that represent the weight.  You will have all you need come gardening season and the flowers you grow will remind you of your accomplishments. A new beginning.

I have also tried to buy myself flowers for every 10 lbs I lose. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Treat yourself to the flowers. They don’t have to be expensive, buy yourself a bouquet of tulips or daffodils. Try to take a picture of yourself holding the flowers each 10 lbs and you will see the progression.

with flowers

Along with these medium term rewards it is important to have long term goals with rewards attached to them. For a major milestone I decided to buy myself an iPod. I could have justified the iPod earlier by saying I need it to exercise. The reward meant so much more because I resisted and earned it.


My ultimate reward in the end will be tattoos. I am still trying to choose the area of my body I would like to put the tattoos. I do actually like the look of the star tattoos on the foot in my previous post. I have been thinking a sprinking of stars along my side would look cool and I don’t need to have them on show all the time. I might get one star in my inner wrist to  be a small constant reminder of my journey.


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to tattoo or not tattoo

What do you think? I had the notion that I might like to get a tiny star tattoo for each 10 lb I lost. Do you have tattoos and do you regret them or love them? Don’t worry the pic is just an example of the style of stars I like. I have’t taken the plunge yet. I look forward to your comments, post them on the blog.

example of star tatoos
example of star tatoos

Stick around and read the rest of the blog. Hopefully you find it inspirational. 

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