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Finding focus…


Becky 10k start

My first 10k



I have been getting a bit worked up trying to meet a certain deadline with my weight loss.  I have decided to just chill and stop being so fixated. Just do what has been working well so far, enjoy the process and love the outcome.

The Law of Attraction is something I fervently believe in. So the more I fixate on not losing weight, the less weight will come off. Does that make sense?

I have been listening to  Bob Proctor, I downloaded his audio book It’s not about the money. It is a great book about a personal journey towards wealth, but it also talks about the laws of attraction, confidence, belief in what you want to do with your life.

I have become reinvigorated on my walks with the dogs. It feels like I have come full circle. I began my weight loss journey by walking along the channel with the dogs. I went for a walk today and just powered through the walk I used to get tired doing, and even went further to boot. It is super cold and windy but I find the walk so calming and enjoyable.

Since I started exercising I have progressed from walking short distances, to walking further and faster, to Nordic Walking, and then to running, which morphed in to triathlon. The sky is the limit now…What should I do next? There is a small kernel that is nagging at me like a tiny rock in your shoe on a long run. The kernel is a large triathlon that happens to take place in Penticton. I am not promising anything but I am starting the process by taking a spinning class with Triathlon coaches. I really need to work on swimming but one thing at a time.

This post might have become a little unfocused along the way but oh well. This is my forum.


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All the gory details

Jane's steady hand

Jane's steady hand

I wasn’t sure if I should enter the Summerland Sprint Triathlon because my training was really slacking. I finally decided to just sign up and go for it. One of the factors that pushed my towards signing up was seeing my friend Liz when I was out shopping and she said she was going to do the race.  There are signs everywhere and we need to listen to them. So literally jumped in with two feet.

On the day of the race I felt organized, woke up on time, at a healthy filling breakfast, the kids and the dogs were well behaved. I didn’t really feel too nervous because I didn’t have too high of an expectation on myself. My main concern was the swim, and my fears were amped up when i saw the swells on the water. There were what looked like 2-3 foot  whitecaps . I really felt a sense of calm come over me I think it was because of the of the wonderful, spirited, kind women and men around me.  We struggled to enter the water because of the large slippery rocks we had to walk over to get to the swim start. Just as I was feeling a bit defeated my friend Bryn reached out and offered me her hand.

I breast stroked the entire swim. Every time I tried to front crawl I was hit in the face by a huge wave. I had to keep psyching myself up to keep going, it will be over soon…just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.


 Michelle M. and Me before the swim. I was one of 2 or three without a wetsuit

The bike was just fine. I can’t say that I hated it or love it. There was a crazy headwind while we were riding south, but there was a great tailwind as we were riding back north so it all kind of evens out. The bike worked out great. I can see how having riding shoes with clip on pedals would be advantageous and gears that shift smoother. I need to prove that I like the sport before I upgrade to a better bike. As you can see from the photo, I did keep smiling all the way through the race. Why do it if you are going to frown and grimace.

becky on the bike


Me, Bryn, Liz and Dave

I never thought I would call myself a runner. I totally rocked the run, if I might say so myself. I came off the bike with the wobbly legs that I expected. After transition we headed up a hill right away!! Not a big hill but a hill none the less. What made it okay was the gaggle of family and friends at the top of the hill cheering  for me. Golly I am a lucky girl, so much support. As I was heading off on the run my legs were feeling like LEAD. I kind of knew to expect this so I just kept moving and over the next kilometer or so they loosened up and I started to pass people. Hmmm. What a feeling that was. I was wearing my new Newton running shoes and I had to keep reminding myself to try to run on the midsole so I would be putting less stress on my joints and I would be less tired. For the most part I was able to maintain this type of running style and I do think it helped with the energy return and fatigue.  I was very happy that I had run the course a few times with my friend Heather, so I knew what to expect. I was so excited and not really too tired when I rounded the last corner to head up the hill to the crowd near the finish. The finish loop was on the grass at the park. I could hear Steve King’s voice announcing the finishers names and my adrenaline started pumping harder. In the home stretch I nearly caught up to the runner in front of me.

I finished with a time of 1:45:13. I am really happy with my time and I do think that there is a tonne of room for improvement. I wonder how much time I could shave off next year?

Thank you so much to my family, friends, volunteers, fellow racers. I could believe how nice everyone was at the race. I asked Mark if everyone was so nice because it is a Sprint Tri and there is a lot of beginners,and he said “no that is just how triathletes are” I think I might like this sport.

Congrats to all of the fellow first timers who did the race. Michelle, Collette, Taryn, Bryn and the girls behind me in the line up.

Jane it was so nice to see your smiling face went I exited the swim, I wasn’t sure if I died and you were an angel and Mike and Heather, everywhere I turned there you were cheering me on.

Great big sweaty hugs for all


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The seas, they were angry that day…

angry waves swim

I am too tired to write a big post about the amazing experience that was the Sprint triathlon today. I will give you a little taste  now and write a more descriptive one tomorrow.

I am really happy with my time of 1:45:12 the exact time might be a bit different but it is within a few seconds.

The swim was pure hell, something to be survived. I will elaborate, when I write more later.

Thank you so much to my friends and family who showed up to make me the most supported racer there. Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who made this day possible. Much love to all.



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Pre race jitters

beck and girls

I found myself dreaming of transition mishaps last night. I couldn’t find my bike in the hundreds of bikes lined up in rows, in rooms and down hallways. I finally found the bike and then there was another problem…I have been trying not to think too much about this race and I wonder if I am going to be unprepared mentally. I am going to go over my clothing options again tonight as the weather is supposed to be 18 degrees and raining, not to meantion the water temperature. No I do not have a wetsuit yet. I do not want to commit to a $400 + peice of exercise gear before I am sure that I want to continue with the sport. I also have a bit of a freakout if I can’t get out of a piece of clothing easily I wonder how I will cope with a wetsuit which requires you to lie on your back like a vulnerable tutle and depend on others to free you from it’s latex grasp. It certainly is an idea I have to get used to.

I think the race will be fine. I have been taking it easy for the past few days as to not hurt myself before the race, so I am getting mentally antsy. My goal is to finish under 2 hours, I know that is a fairly generous goal but I would rather exceeed my expectations than fall slightly short.

If you are in Summerland on Sunday come see betty run and swim and bike. Adults race starts at 10:15.



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Wicked new shoes

fancy new kicks

fancy new kicks


We went to the Ironman Expo the sellingyouexpensivestuffthatyoureallyreallyneed,place. I have been putting off buying some new running shoes because I was not all that happy with my previous pair and I was not up to paying $190 for the same experience again. Lo and behold we happened upon these funky shoes, Mark had heard of them before but I hadn’t. They are called Newtons. You can go their website to learn the whole story.

The basic theory is focused around running midsole which will be gentler on your joints, make running more efficient, and faster. They are really cool looking and feel great so far. I will need to get used to running mid to fore foot, as it seem I am a bit of a heelstriker. I wore them for a 20 km bike ride today and they worked fine, I do not have click in cycling shoes yet…I will get there eventually. I got off the bike and went for a tiny transition run and I found the shoes very supportive.

I am stoked for the Summerland Sprint Triathlon. I figure it is going to be hard but I will be able to do it. I keep asking Mark “I won’t be last will I?” I know I it doesn’t matter what my time is but I really do not want to be last. I did pretty well for my first 5km run though 26 min, respectable.

I hope I get my computer back soon. I have been missing blogging. I find that it really keeps me on track.

I am down 66 lbs so far and I hope to be below 180 lbs by mid next week. You can do the math to figure out my highest weight, at this point I don’t care. I am so close to my goal I can almost taste it,  it is low fat, low sodium, but sweet and filling.

XOXO  Betty

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Stellar Race

woo hoo the finish

Well the Peachland 5 k went really well. Mark ran with me the whole way! I pushed myself pretty hard and ran the whole way. I personally don’t like to take walk breaks when I am running, I find it messes with my stride and causes me to seize up. It also kind of irritates me when I pass someone who is walking and then a couple of seconds later they go sprinting past me only to end up walking again in a few seconds. I am I a running snob? Should I just applaud them for being out and being active? Probably right.

Anyhoo the race was great. I did not really have any preconceive idea about what time I wanted to acheive. Part of the way through the race I decided I might like to finish under 30 min, so we upped the pace a bit. Mark and I crossed the finish line together for a time of 00:27:20 ish I don’t have the offical time yet, doesn’t really matter I know it was under 30 min Yippee.

I am excited to see what I can do once I have lost the last 30 lbs and i have more experience running.

More photos at flickr in the sidebar.

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New shirts and a Fun Run

betty tshirtbetty tshirt back

Mark and I ironed my logo (that the lovely Danielle created), on to running shirts. We are going to run the Peachland Beach Run 5 k tomorrow. The shirts look great!! I will give and update on how the run went.

I have been thinking about giving away T-shirts to people who set, plan out and complete a fitness and/or weightloss goal. What do you think? Would you be interested in one? Let me know as a comment on the blog.

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