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Day one

I am trying a new product called U-turn from uweightloss. This is the clinic I have been going to for the past year and a bit. I have had great success with the program. Food  logging, coaching, healthy homemade meal plans, natropathic supplements, step counting. Alas I have hit a plateau. I am trying U-turn and I think it will work, it involves a very filling supplement smoothie for snacks several times per day, three higher protein meals, and  a detox supplement.

I have adjusted my goal weight to be 168 which will give me 80 lbs lost, you can do the math to figure out my highest weight 😉 I think that will also help me mentally. My original goal was 160 which I think that I will eventually reach, especially if I keep up with the triathlon training. But for now 80 lbs gone will be a great achievement. Then I can get my tattoo, I have only been blabbing about it for 6 months or so. I think I might get three small stars on my left inner wrist and 5 stars on my right foot. That will be a star for each 10 lb lost and the three stars can represent my hubby and my two girls as well, reminding me to be a good example for them.


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So close I can almost taste it…

ice cream

I have been really getting aggravated by being stuck in the high 170″s. I have been eating extremely well for 85-90% of the time and exercising like a freak. What is going on? Perhaps I need to give the food plan 110% attention. I wonder if I have not been eating enough at some times and my body is hanging on to fat because it is worried about starving, and then I get tired from working stupid hours and exercising alot…which makes me crave carbs big time.

A large part of my weight loss journey is learning why I gain weight. I have identified some key components. Stress, Chaos, Fatigue, Boredom, Hunger, Anger (I am going to show you…I will eat and make my self fat and that’ll fix you, hmmm).

I do feel that I have some really good skills and habits now to deal with life as it comes. I do hope that once I am finished losing I will be able to modulate my eating and exercise to maintain an ideal balance. Perhaps it looks something like this…Go for a 3 hour bike ride and then enjoy a yummy peanut butter/chocolate ice cream waffle cone.

We are going to go to indoor spinning classes this fall at Team Impact Multisport Mark and I went for some “testing” before the classes start. It was a really interesting experience. You have your bike set up on a trainer (so you can ride your bike inside), the coach gets you to warm up and then starts asking you what your perceive effort is as he continually increases the tension on the trainer, every 5 min or so they poke your finger to take a blood sample to test for lactate.

See betty get her lactate tested

See betty get her lactate tested

I wasn’t sure how I was going to do at first because my legs were burning in the warm up. As I got warmer I felt a lot better and was able to maintain a good cadence. I think I might have surprised the coach due to my lack of cycling experience and that I am not yet in optimal condition. I was able to take it to my max and get my heart rate up to 174 bpm and complete the time in my max zone he requested of me.  The coach was a very encouraging  fellow named Olly Piggen I think I am going to dig these classes.

The last 18 lbs should just melt off and if they don’t I don’t know what will work? I still can believe I only have 18 lbs to go. I have been looking at 80 + lbs to lose for so many years I can’t believe that I am almost there. What will life be like when I am not the chubbiest girls in the room always? Guess what I am now? I am an athlete. I like that label better.

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Nearly there

Me with my beautiful girls on their 11th birthday

Me with my beautiful girls on their 11th birthday

I am closing in on  my weigh loss goal and I am finding myself swinging between being totally on plan, focused and being chaotic and bingey. I think that I have reconciled with the fact that I will be exercising frequently,with intensity for the rest of my life. Exercise is not just for weight loss it is for creating and maintaining a healthy body. There I said it. I used to often wonder why “skinny people” were wasting their time in the gym. Hmm they want a healthy body.

I found myself in to the 170’s (barely but I was there) and then the weekend happened and then a week of 12 hour shifts slammed me in the face. The key to my success is preparedness. Easy enough said….I would love to make a weekly plan and then just stick to it, but alas my schedule is different every week and then there are kids, activities, weather changes, sick family members,commitments , extra work…. The planning and scheduling needs to be a consistent effort.  Some times I just want to stomp my feet and pout, but alas I must go on.

Goals for the week:

Exercise daily, 15 min walk upon waking and then 45-60 min at the or running or cycling.

Have meals planned and food purchased

Family doing their part

Setting boundaries re: extra work

I am going to set the timer for 20 min for house cleaning then off to the gym then eat lunch, then rest before the kids get home., then food shop, make dinner, then go to work for 12 hour night shift.

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rain, mosquitos and KD

Balfour ferry 2009

Balfour ferry 2009

It has taken me a long time to get excited about camping, especially with kids and dogs. You may wonder why I wouldn’t like to enjoy the great outdoors in all of it’s glory…I do not like to be dirty, there I said it. I do not like chaos. We went camping in the Kootenay’s for 4 nights and it was bloody awful, it rained and rained, the mosquitoes were having a population boom. Golly we were troopers, running from the tents to the shelter of the car and back again. Our big boy Chocolate lab Hoha was so afraid of the thunder he had to sleep in the back of the car, he is a bit of a princess.

 As I am trying to be and optomist, the great part of the trip were visiting family and seeing the really cool location for the Shambhala festival  my little sister Amanda is feeding all of the hard working volunteers and coordination the vendors.

wicked artwork at the festival site

wicked artwork at the festival site

Camping can be fun and it can be awful… for the most part I tried to make good choices but it is really difficult to avoid the chips and marshmallows. I do not like being deprived. I come back to the main lesson I have learned in this weight loss journey. Try to make good choices, if you slip pull up your socks and move on …get your ass to the gym, go for a run. It is not possible to gain 60 lbs over a weekend.

I have eaten really well for the past three days and I have my meals planned for the week. I had a killer workout last night. I am ready to kick some ass.

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Many balls in the air, some are gonna drop….

50 lbs lost

50 lbs lost

Well I did really well with the eating commitment for the first week, but I didn’t do well with posting about it though. Sorry I was hoping to provide some inspiration. Back on the wagon I go. Speaking of wagon. I decided I could take a little detour off my plan this week and have a vanilla iced latte and a treat from Timmy’s, bad mistake because it set me on a bender that day. Mind you not a bender like benders of the past

Exercise wise, this week Mark and I went for a killer 1.25 hour run along the KVR trail, which happens to be up hill on the way out. I didn’t really like the run at all as it was hot and I was tired, but my human running buddy kept pushing me and by the end of it we had run more than 12 km. I really finally understand the power of exercise…I don’t know if it is chicken or egg but my lack of exercise, period looming, eating indiscretion made for a less than optimal week. I know for a fact that had I exercise more my mood would have been much better and I would have been able to cope with my period moodiness and I would not have had such bad carb cravings. When my mood is poor I really crave carbs to elevate my mood.

Today is Monday and I have a new outlook. I am still a bit edgy, tired and irritated with the reno mess in the house, but I am determined to be calm, organized and have a better week.

I went for a great run today. According to Google Maps I ran 8 km. During this run I ached and hated it for the first 2-3 kms, loved it when I found the groove for the middle 3-4kms and I was tired for the last 1-2 kms. But I did it, oh yes I did it.

I am very grateful for the gals at U weight loss for their support. For Megan for listening to my tale of woe and still kicking my butt.

Thank you for reading. Welcome Brittany who was running  near me in the Peach City 10km. I am going to run the Giant’s Head 10km this weekend, a very hilly race course. Mark is going to run with me  and encourage me along.



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Day three eating commitment May 21/09

Breakfast: Oh my goodness Oatmeal again…can you turn in to an Oatmeal?

Snack: Yogurt and Berries with protein powder

Lunch:Pork tenderloin, yam (yep yam), salad

Dinner: Grilled chicken, wild rice 1/2 cup, grilled zucchini, grapefruit

Great eating day!! Avoided extra snacking. Drank lots of water put tiny bit of crystal light in 4 cups of water just for flavour. Worked 12 hours and then my loving husband convinced me to go for a 1/2 hour run. Me tired. Watched

So you think you can dance.  Oh boy another addiction now that American Idol is over.

Hope the weigh in goes well tomorrow, I am sure it will. 🙂

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Commitment to nutrition

I have been eating very well for the past 6 months but I have fallen in to a bit of a rut (not a groove) I am running the risk of turning in to a chicken or a yam.Becky 10k start

I commit this week to follow the eating plans more carefully. I will post each day what I eat therefore being more conscious about the potential for deviation.  I know it sound so restrictive but I have committed to losing 90 lbs in about 10 months in a way that I will never have to lose that weight again so I have to be vigilant.

Here’s to commitment!!

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