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Swirling ideas

rays of sunshine

My future is so bright...

I have a tonne of ideas swirling around in my head right now. All good things. As my last post indicates I need to find some focus. I do tend to overwhelm myself with projects, jobs, and new ideas. I don’t like to miss out on things and I think that can be to my detriment sometimes and to my advantage as well.

Some people might think I am crazy to have a family, full-time job, 2 casual jobs, write a blog, losing weight, trying to be a bit of an athlete, and an affectionate wife (no snickering Mark). I do have a natural tendency towards the lazy so I suppose I tend to over do it a bit in an attempt to override that tendency.

I am reading Jillian Michaels’ Master your Metabolism book right now (thanks Andrea)  and it really jives with the learning and supplements at U weight loss.I really ought to start getting a commission from Jillian, at least 4 or 5 people I know have bought her video now. Oh well good for her she must be putting out the right vibes to generate such wonderful success. Once I am finished losing the weight forever, I truly believe that I will have a better understanding of my body and how to better maintain it at a healthy weight.

I have found that when the time is right things just fall in to place for me. When I push things too hard and try to force outcomes, I always fall flat and end up seriously disappointed. I am struggling with the fact that I really want to get a website up and running that incorporates all of the things I talk about in the blog and a few more as well. It seems like a big undertaking but I believe that it is my calling and I am meant to provide a service to others trying to find their way to health and happiness. So I am putting it out there universe, let me know when the time is right and send a web designer to my door step.

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Why so sad?


Betty Draper "coping with her cigarette"

Betty Draper from Mad Men "coping with her cigarette"

I am finding depression and anxiety very prevalent in the women I see going through the medical system. It does not seem to matter what socio-economic bracket these women are from they appear to be equally touched by these disorders.

Have there always been this many women struggling with depression and anxiety? Is there more pressure on women now, are we less stimulated, not as connected to our physical self, living in our heads. Did women used to cope in different ways that are not acceptable anymore, such as heavy duty anti-anxiety meds such as valium and the non prescription Merlot? Do women have more pressure on them, more requirements of their time and attention? Or is it a higher report rate; are women just more open with talking about their challenges and willing to accept treatment?

I am not sure of the answer. I have not done any kind of study but I really am surprised how many women seem to be struggling with these potentially debilitating disorders.

Could it be that women in the past have asked for the right to do everything and now our generation is paying the price? Great, now we get to care for the kids, work full-time, handle the banking, food shop, make the food, clean up after the food, wash, fold and put away the laundry, pets to the vet, buy the pet food, and so on and so on, not to mention mowing the lawn, and taking out the garbage. What happened to the pink and blue jobs?

What is to be done about depression and anxiety? I know that I suffer from a low to moderate anxiety. I am a worrier. I sometimes get a cramp in the pit of my stomach when I forget what I was worrying about, then I remember and I feel a sense of relief when I am able to go back to worrying again. I have experienced and acute depression before and it was not fun.

We are often so concerned with our physical health and appearance, what is so different about taking care of our mental health?

For me the things that have been helping me control my anxiety is EXERCISE. What do you know exercise can help keep you physically and mentally healthy? Fighting chaos by keeping my house in order, planning meals, looking ahead on the calendar, all help me keep the anxiety at bay.

People who are self described type A’s are really employing a self protection device. They know their limits for anxiety and they set boundaries for what is acceptable to them. I kind of understand now. I do have a bit of the Type A in me but there is also a messy rebel who does not want to do all of the cleaning on her list (wink Mom).

Not really sure where this rant is going…I wonder if there is a study or a master’s thesis in the study of women’s mental health.

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I was just looking around on the U weight loss site and I decided to calculate my BMI. What do you know, it is now 27.8 which is in the category of Overweight not OBESE!!!! or MORBIDLY OBESE.

It is good to have many different measures of weight loss success. How do your clothes fit, how much do you we igh, what is your BMI, body fat percentage, and most importantly  can you do things you could not or would not do before.

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The seas, they were angry that day…

angry waves swim

I am too tired to write a big post about the amazing experience that was the Sprint triathlon today. I will give you a little taste  now and write a more descriptive one tomorrow.

I am really happy with my time of 1:45:12 the exact time might be a bit different but it is within a few seconds.

The swim was pure hell, something to be survived. I will elaborate, when I write more later.

Thank you so much to my friends and family who showed up to make me the most supported racer there. Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who made this day possible. Much love to all.



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rain, mosquitos and KD

Balfour ferry 2009

Balfour ferry 2009

It has taken me a long time to get excited about camping, especially with kids and dogs. You may wonder why I wouldn’t like to enjoy the great outdoors in all of it’s glory…I do not like to be dirty, there I said it. I do not like chaos. We went camping in the Kootenay’s for 4 nights and it was bloody awful, it rained and rained, the mosquitoes were having a population boom. Golly we were troopers, running from the tents to the shelter of the car and back again. Our big boy Chocolate lab Hoha was so afraid of the thunder he had to sleep in the back of the car, he is a bit of a princess.

 As I am trying to be and optomist, the great part of the trip were visiting family and seeing the really cool location for the Shambhala festival  my little sister Amanda is feeding all of the hard working volunteers and coordination the vendors.

wicked artwork at the festival site

wicked artwork at the festival site

Camping can be fun and it can be awful… for the most part I tried to make good choices but it is really difficult to avoid the chips and marshmallows. I do not like being deprived. I come back to the main lesson I have learned in this weight loss journey. Try to make good choices, if you slip pull up your socks and move on …get your ass to the gym, go for a run. It is not possible to gain 60 lbs over a weekend.

I have eaten really well for the past three days and I have my meals planned for the week. I had a killer workout last night. I am ready to kick some ass.

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New Challenges

one hundred pushups

I have conquered the 10 k and I am sure that a 5 k race will be okay. Mark and I have decided to try a new challenge. We are working on “one hundred push ups” it is a training program we found on the Internet. There is  a “200 sit ups” program as well that we started today. We are on day one of the sit up program and day two of the push up program.  After the first day of the push ups Mark and I were both sore in places we didn’t think should be sore after doing push ups. The program is progressive and eases you in to being able to do 100 push ups by the end of it. We’ll see how it goes. A new challenge is always good. Gives you something look forward to, a measure of success.

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Run # 2 in the bag

Post race with my sweetheart Mark

Post race with my sweetheart Mark

Mark and I ran the Giant’s Head 10 km to day. I really love my husband! He truly wanted to run with me. He was doing the run portion of  the Man of Steel relay team and I told him that he could go on ahead and get a better time, but no he wanted to stay with me and that is lovely. We did a good time 1:06:42 I was hoping to do it sub 1:10 and we did. It is a frickin hilly course and it was smoking hot. My girls Corrine, Liz  and Michelle did really well too. It does feel like I am starting to belong to this community of athletics, I am no longer the chubby, depressed girl sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun and feeling great.

What’s next. I really want to do the Summerland Sprint triathlon.

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