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Wicked new shoes

fancy new kicks

fancy new kicks


We went to the Ironman Expo the sellingyouexpensivestuffthatyoureallyreallyneed,place. I have been putting off buying some new running shoes because I was not all that happy with my previous pair and I was not up to paying $190 for the same experience again. Lo and behold we happened upon these funky shoes, Mark had heard of them before but I hadn’t. They are called Newtons. You can go their website to learn the whole story.

The basic theory is focused around running midsole which will be gentler on your joints, make running more efficient, and faster. They are really cool looking and feel great so far. I will need to get used to running mid to fore foot, as it seem I am a bit of a heelstriker. I wore them for a 20 km bike ride today and they worked fine, I do not have click in cycling shoes yet…I will get there eventually. I got off the bike and went for a tiny transition run and I found the shoes very supportive.

I am stoked for the Summerland Sprint Triathlon. I figure it is going to be hard but I will be able to do it. I keep asking Mark “I won’t be last will I?” I know I it doesn’t matter what my time is but I really do not want to be last. I did pretty well for my first 5km run though 26 min, respectable.

I hope I get my computer back soon. I have been missing blogging. I find that it really keeps me on track.

I am down 66 lbs so far and I hope to be below 180 lbs by mid next week. You can do the math to figure out my highest weight, at this point I don’t care. I am so close to my goal I can almost taste it,  it is low fat, low sodium, but sweet and filling.

XOXO  Betty


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New shirts and a Fun Run

betty tshirtbetty tshirt back

Mark and I ironed my logo (that the lovely Danielle created), on to running shirts. We are going to run the Peachland Beach Run 5 k tomorrow. The shirts look great!! I will give and update on how the run went.

I have been thinking about giving away T-shirts to people who set, plan out and complete a fitness and/or weightloss goal. What do you think? Would you be interested in one? Let me know as a comment on the blog.

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The Pants

all dressed up with somewhere to go

all dressed up with somewhere to go

I have had a pair of capris in my closet for about 8 or 9 years that I have never been able to wear. I bought them at Costco and since there is no opportunity to try on clothes there I hoped they would fit when I bought them. Well they didn’t  and over the years they just got smaller and smaller, go figure.

I decided to try them on tonight and lo and behold they pretty much fit! They create a bit of a muffin top but they are on and I can sit comfortably without passing out.

As I have lost weight I have found joy in wearing things I haven’t worn in a while, such as necklaces, tighter clothes, cute blazers, more makeup, slinky underthings. Sophie and I found a really cute hat at the shoe store (not the hat store) and I really like how it looks. When I looked in the mirror with all of my hair back, under the hat, I could really see my weight loss in my face. I think I might go back and get that hat…It’s kind of a magical hat, sometimes you need to get those items that make you feel great.

I am getting more interested in fashion again. I used to love making up outfits and even thought I might like to go in to fashion design at one time. For the longest time I would pay more attention to purses and shoes rather than the clothes on   my body. I resigned myself to wearing ubiquitous Cotton Ginny t-shirts and baggy elastic waisted pants, a shapeless schlumpadinka silhouette.

Do you have something in your closet you would like to wear again? Do you miss wearing necklaces?  Not wearing makeup?

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Vanity Sizing

betty 40 lbs gone

betty 40 lbs gone

Clothing sizing is such a headgame. If you go to a big box store and try on a pair of pants and think hmmm isn’t that nice I am a size 16 and I am usually a 20. Like it is a magical dead zone of being the size you want. Are they liars? Do they have the right to make up random sizes and mess with our heads. It does kinda feel nice to think that you are a smaller size than you believe you are, but are you just fooling yourself. Could there be a nefarious reason to place vanity sized clothes in a store that has a wide assortment of Doritos, bacon, and a whole isle dedicated to candy?

I went in to a yoga wear store today to see if anything would fit. I had been in there previously but not tried anything on because they only went up to size 12. I asked if they had anything larger than 12, and she responded no but the clothes fit large. I think the vanity sizing might backfire for this company because someone of a size 14-16 might fit there products but might not even go in the store because they feel excluded. The good news is that I am a size 14/16 and I did fit their size 12.

Message: Sizing is stupid, if you like something try it on and if it doesn’t fit try another size larger or smaller. You are not defined by a size it is just cloth cut in a shape and sown into a garment.

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