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Scheduling maintenance

becky groomedOn the road to losing weight calories and fat content can become all consuming. There are certain routines and rituals that can help you feel motivated along the way. I tend to be a bit all or nothing with beauty routines. I can very easily fall in to the schlumpadinka category. I have in fact gone out in public wearing pajama pants, not sweatpants though (probably because I don’t own any, might do it if I did have some).

I often think I should schedule my grooming activities, but then they seem to get away on me and that errant hair on my chin is back to haunt me. I think the best I can do is try a little harder. I have a husband that shows me a lot of affection even when I am not a my peak groomedness and is very adoring when I do doll myself up. Therefore I am not motivated by trying to keep my man happy. Perhaps I should be. I often remind him how lucky he is to not have an expensive, high maintenance wife. May I can be somewhat medium maintenance.

Today I pulled out all the stops. Hair is colored (I finally gave in and bought a permanent color, the greys were becoming less cute looking and more OLD looking), said errant hairs are waxed, toes are painted, new lip gloss applied, looking not bad.

A good grooming session can pull you out of a rut and set you back on the path to weight loss. When you are feeling down pull out your favorite bright pink nail polish and wash that grey right out of your hair.

kissy face

Kisses, Betty


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Curious case of Benjamina Buttons

Is it possible to age backwards? As I look at the recent photos of myself I think it might be possible. I have always been fortunate to look younger than my chronological age, but as the weight started to pile on and the stress in my life mounted I was feeling older than my actual age. My hip was aching and I was starting to wonder if it was degenerative and I might need a hip replacement…yes nurses develop every possible affliction they come in contact with, a  job hazzard. My digestion was awful, I will spare you the details, but I even resorted to antidepressants to treat IBS at one point. I had always prided myself on my complexion but that too had become dull and lifeless, prone to the occasional blemish that had never dared appear on my visage.

Since I have taken control of my health I have great digestion, I can even eat formerly off limits  foods such as peppers, dried cranberries, sun dried tomatoes and grapes. My complexion is back to it’s glowy self and I have surely knocked 5-7 years off my appearance. Not to mention probably added 5-7 years to my life expectancy.

It is nice to put on a pair of pants 6 sizes smaller but it is even nicer to be truly healthy and set a good example for my children.

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