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Swirling ideas

rays of sunshine

My future is so bright...

I have a tonne of ideas swirling around in my head right now. All good things. As my last post indicates I need to find some focus. I do tend to overwhelm myself with projects, jobs, and new ideas. I don’t like to miss out on things and I think that can be to my detriment sometimes and to my advantage as well.

Some people might think I am crazy to have a family, full-time job, 2 casual jobs, write a blog, losing weight, trying to be a bit of an athlete, and an affectionate wife (no snickering Mark). I do have a natural tendency towards the lazy so I suppose I tend to over do it a bit in an attempt to override that tendency.

I am reading Jillian Michaels’ Master your Metabolism book right now (thanks Andrea)  and it really jives with the learning and supplements at U weight loss.I really ought to start getting a commission from Jillian, at least 4 or 5 people I know have bought her video now. Oh well good for her she must be putting out the right vibes to generate such wonderful success. Once I am finished losing the weight forever, I truly believe that I will have a better understanding of my body and how to better maintain it at a healthy weight.

I have found that when the time is right things just fall in to place for me. When I push things too hard and try to force outcomes, I always fall flat and end up seriously disappointed. I am struggling with the fact that I really want to get a website up and running that incorporates all of the things I talk about in the blog and a few more as well. It seems like a big undertaking but I believe that it is my calling and I am meant to provide a service to others trying to find their way to health and happiness. So I am putting it out there universe, let me know when the time is right and send a web designer to my door step.

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One year of weight loss

family photo 2008

family photo 2008

family fall photo final

family photo 2009

I have been working  hard at losing weight for the past year. Some weeks have seen harder work  than others. I could be a little bit disappointed that I haven’t reached my goal of 88 lbs lost yet but then again 70 lbs lost is nothing to sneeze at. Every time I slip up and regress a little I get right back on track now. Before it would have meant a weeks or months long slide in to getting fatter territory. I realize that I will not gain 70 lbs in one night as long as I get right back on the wagon.

I have 4 weeks left at U weight loss in the losing weight phase, then I will move in to maintenance. I would love to go all ” Biggest Loser” and say that I could lose 18-20 lbs in the next 4 weeks. I am also realistic and understand that it is getting harder to lose the closer I get to my goal.

I have officially lost 81.5 inches off of a multitude of places on my body. The biggest change is in my waist/midsection where I have lost over 13 inches.  This is big for me because I was really getting worried about the medical implication of the excess abdominal fat, linked with heart disease and early death. I was also concerned about the increase risk of breast cancer in people who are obese. My Grannie is a breast cancer survivor and one of my favorite people.

We took some lovely family photos this weekend (thank you Dad). I have been shying away from family pictures for the past few years. I really wanted to have a picture I could be proud. The photos have turned out really nice.  It feels great to like how pictures turn out now.

Luv Betty

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My First Crash

bacon bandages

one way to get your bacon fix

On the weekend Mark and I should have been doing yard work or sorting out the jumbled shed but the weather was just too good to not go for a bike ride. So Carpe Diem we did. We decided to ride out along Naramata road for a while and see how it went. Well we got to the first hill, not too far from our house, and I was struggling with my gears a bit and I looked down at the front ring, the handle bars followed my gaze and the wheel caught and edge… knee meets concrete. I felt pretty silly since I was at the bottom of a hill when I bailed, but kind of grateful that I wasn’t going 60km downhill when I ejected from my bike.

carpe diem

I sat there for a minute and pondered the sheer misfortune of an injury at the beginning of the bike ride. Mark was kind by suggesting we go home to either clean it up or wait for another day. Somewhere inside myself I found the internal fortitude to say “no, let’s go on”. We rode all the way to Naramata, down in to the village and stopped for a snack and knee clean up, then we rode all the way home. It was a total of 32 km. Not Ironman distance but pretty good for my second ride of any consequence.

The best reward for me was Mark’s comments. The old Betty would not have gone on after an injury, in fact the old Betty would have found every reason not to start the ride in the first place.  New  Betty sure has a lot more energy and spunk.

I find since I have lost weight I am less intimidated by things. Less scared. I have even fantasized about sky diving. Rollercoasters I might consider now, whereas before there was no way. I was too fat and too scared. Is it a chicken or an egg thing? Was the fat making me scared or was the fat a protective coating because I was scared?

Now that I do not have the weight to insulate me I am open, exposed to the world like a fresh wound. Some days the word is exhilarating and some days there is a bit of a sting. I need to continue to get more comfortable with feeling things and not trying to keep a barrier between me and the sensations.

The knee scrape has made exercising this week a challenge because the swelling makes the knee difficult to bend and the scab is painful to kneel on. I bought Jillian Michaels’ 30 day Shred DVD and I have been aching to try it. I  finally tried it today and it went pretty well. I wasn’t able to do the push up because of the knee but I modified and did wall push ups. I think this will be a good workout. It only takes 20 min and it gives you cardio, strength and core.

my new master

my new master

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Nearly there

Me with my beautiful girls on their 11th birthday

Me with my beautiful girls on their 11th birthday

I am closing in on  my weigh loss goal and I am finding myself swinging between being totally on plan, focused and being chaotic and bingey. I think that I have reconciled with the fact that I will be exercising frequently,with intensity for the rest of my life. Exercise is not just for weight loss it is for creating and maintaining a healthy body. There I said it. I used to often wonder why “skinny people” were wasting their time in the gym. Hmm they want a healthy body.

I found myself in to the 170’s (barely but I was there) and then the weekend happened and then a week of 12 hour shifts slammed me in the face. The key to my success is preparedness. Easy enough said….I would love to make a weekly plan and then just stick to it, but alas my schedule is different every week and then there are kids, activities, weather changes, sick family members,commitments , extra work…. The planning and scheduling needs to be a consistent effort.  Some times I just want to stomp my feet and pout, but alas I must go on.

Goals for the week:

Exercise daily, 15 min walk upon waking and then 45-60 min at the or running or cycling.

Have meals planned and food purchased

Family doing their part

Setting boundaries re: extra work

I am going to set the timer for 20 min for house cleaning then off to the gym then eat lunch, then rest before the kids get home., then food shop, make dinner, then go to work for 12 hour night shift.

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All the gory details

Jane's steady hand

Jane's steady hand

I wasn’t sure if I should enter the Summerland Sprint Triathlon because my training was really slacking. I finally decided to just sign up and go for it. One of the factors that pushed my towards signing up was seeing my friend Liz when I was out shopping and she said she was going to do the race.  There are signs everywhere and we need to listen to them. So literally jumped in with two feet.

On the day of the race I felt organized, woke up on time, at a healthy filling breakfast, the kids and the dogs were well behaved. I didn’t really feel too nervous because I didn’t have too high of an expectation on myself. My main concern was the swim, and my fears were amped up when i saw the swells on the water. There were what looked like 2-3 foot  whitecaps . I really felt a sense of calm come over me I think it was because of the of the wonderful, spirited, kind women and men around me.  We struggled to enter the water because of the large slippery rocks we had to walk over to get to the swim start. Just as I was feeling a bit defeated my friend Bryn reached out and offered me her hand.

I breast stroked the entire swim. Every time I tried to front crawl I was hit in the face by a huge wave. I had to keep psyching myself up to keep going, it will be over soon…just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.


 Michelle M. and Me before the swim. I was one of 2 or three without a wetsuit

The bike was just fine. I can’t say that I hated it or love it. There was a crazy headwind while we were riding south, but there was a great tailwind as we were riding back north so it all kind of evens out. The bike worked out great. I can see how having riding shoes with clip on pedals would be advantageous and gears that shift smoother. I need to prove that I like the sport before I upgrade to a better bike. As you can see from the photo, I did keep smiling all the way through the race. Why do it if you are going to frown and grimace.

becky on the bike


Me, Bryn, Liz and Dave

I never thought I would call myself a runner. I totally rocked the run, if I might say so myself. I came off the bike with the wobbly legs that I expected. After transition we headed up a hill right away!! Not a big hill but a hill none the less. What made it okay was the gaggle of family and friends at the top of the hill cheering  for me. Golly I am a lucky girl, so much support. As I was heading off on the run my legs were feeling like LEAD. I kind of knew to expect this so I just kept moving and over the next kilometer or so they loosened up and I started to pass people. Hmmm. What a feeling that was. I was wearing my new Newton running shoes and I had to keep reminding myself to try to run on the midsole so I would be putting less stress on my joints and I would be less tired. For the most part I was able to maintain this type of running style and I do think it helped with the energy return and fatigue.  I was very happy that I had run the course a few times with my friend Heather, so I knew what to expect. I was so excited and not really too tired when I rounded the last corner to head up the hill to the crowd near the finish. The finish loop was on the grass at the park. I could hear Steve King’s voice announcing the finishers names and my adrenaline started pumping harder. In the home stretch I nearly caught up to the runner in front of me.

I finished with a time of 1:45:13. I am really happy with my time and I do think that there is a tonne of room for improvement. I wonder how much time I could shave off next year?

Thank you so much to my family, friends, volunteers, fellow racers. I could believe how nice everyone was at the race. I asked Mark if everyone was so nice because it is a Sprint Tri and there is a lot of beginners,and he said “no that is just how triathletes are” I think I might like this sport.

Congrats to all of the fellow first timers who did the race. Michelle, Collette, Taryn, Bryn and the girls behind me in the line up.

Jane it was so nice to see your smiling face went I exited the swim, I wasn’t sure if I died and you were an angel and Mike and Heather, everywhere I turned there you were cheering me on.

Great big sweaty hugs for all


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The seas, they were angry that day…

angry waves swim

I am too tired to write a big post about the amazing experience that was the Sprint triathlon today. I will give you a little taste  now and write a more descriptive one tomorrow.

I am really happy with my time of 1:45:12 the exact time might be a bit different but it is within a few seconds.

The swim was pure hell, something to be survived. I will elaborate, when I write more later.

Thank you so much to my friends and family who showed up to make me the most supported racer there. Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who made this day possible. Much love to all.



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not busy enough…

mark and macy

mark and macy

I am of course referring to the puppy in the picture. We all know that husbands can be quite time consuming as well, but the puppy is the new factor in my life. Her name is Macy. We have a Chocolate Lab called Hoha (Gogga in Afrikaans, he came with the name and the kids insisted we not change it). Sooo our new puppy needed a cute name and Mark researched Afrikaans words and came up with Meicie which means “girl or lass”  luckily our puppy is a girl. We simplified the spelling to Macy.

I am starting to wonder why we do this to ourselves? Do we love the thrill of the new?? Or do we let things come to us and accept them as they were meant to be. Originally we just admired this little pup at the SPCA but for some reason she kept coming back on our radar. We ended up picking her up the day before we went camping and she was a dream aside from her dew claws incision becoming infected (thank goodness there was a nurse around). She just chilled at the camp site, rode well in the car, and only peed in the tent once.

Some times things might seem overwhelming and too much but maybe the universe is trying to give you a little nudge. I suppose I would rather live a busy somewhat hectic life rather than look back on a completely calm and organized life with regrets.

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