38 lbs lost

38 lbs lost

I am a 35 year old Registered Nurse working in Maternity and Gynegology.  I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Funny thing though when I look back at pictures from a time in which I thought I was overweight, I just looked …normal and not too bad lookin’ at that. Funny how our head messes with us. I have started this blog to chronicle my weight loss journey from this point forward. I have lost 50+ pounds so far and hope to lose 30 more. I have set a goal to run  a 10km this spring and a sprint triathlon this summer.


:: Update :: Funny how people don’t update their About area even when there are dramatic changes.

I have lost 70+ pound at this point only about 17 more to go until I am a healthy weight. I am over the moon, Life in so much easier now. I can get dressed quickly and look fabulous with little effort. Listen to me go on. I have completed two 10k runs, one 5 k run, and a sprint distance triathlon. I am contemplating a very long distance triathlon in the next two years and on the road to that fateful day I will complete many more shorter distance athletic challenges.

Thank you for reading.


beck oct 2009

Oct 2009




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  1. 1

    Cathryn said,

    I think you’re gorgeous and very inspirational. Go You! C x

  2. 2

    KP said,

    Hi there, I work at EA with Greg and he sent me a link to your blog. Congratulations – it’s incredibly inspirational.
    I’m the community manager for EA SPORTS Active. You can find me on twitter @Active_Girl.
    Keep it up – you look great!

  3. 3

    lphop said,

    Betty, you are sooo cute! Your personality comes through that smile!

  4. 4

    Debbie said,

    Hi there, I recently joined UWeight loss..I saw your picture and your website there today….congrats! You look great!
    I am having a hard time right now….any words of wisdom?

    • 5

      seebettyrun said,

      Hi Debbie,

      I don’t know if you will get this reply but here it goes.

      For every hard day there is the opportunity for the next day to be better.

      Wisdom: Are you getting enough sleep? Follow your meal plans to the letter,
      Move every day even if it is a walk around the neighbourhood.

      Accept that this is a process and not a magic pill that will turn us thin. Work on you mind at the same time you are working on your body. You will have more success in the long run.

      Hope this helps. Post an other comment and let me know how you are doing.


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