Short term goals…not resolutions

I think it is easy to get mired up in a grand long-term goal. I have set a couple of simple short-term goals that I will succeed with.

#1 Lose 5 lbs by Jan 15th…3.75 lbs gone so far

#2 Lose a total of 10 lbs by Feb 1st.

The first goal will get me back to where I was before the season of feasting but I think it is better to look at it  as a success than getting back to where I was before I “failed”. I am already feeling so much happier with a little bit of success.

More goals to come.

What is a short-term goal you want to make?


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    Maria said,

    Firstly, I would like to say that I just found your site yesterday and I think you are a wonderful woman….you are honest, inspirational, motivating and true.

    I have much to say but in answer of your question regardng a short-term goal it is to lose 5-7 pounds by Feb 8th. I have literally just begun this journey again and all I can do is to look ahead, and keep focused.

    Thank you….


    • 2

      seebettyrun said,

      Welcome Maria,
      Please keep me up to date on your short-term goal progress. I am so excited to see how you do. I will keep posting on my blog about my progress.

      • 3

        Maria said,

        Happy Saturday Betty…

        Thank you for your kind reply and I will definitely keep you posted.


  2. 4

    Paula said,

    I like that–no resolutions. Just goals. If you don’t mind, I’d like to borrow your tag line.

    Your goals are totally doable. I’m sure you’ll meet them in no time.

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