Completeing the tri in triathlon

I finally did it! I went to a Masters swim session last night. We were running a bit late so we were going to just do our own thing and swim laps, then we met the lovely coach and decided to well just jump in with both feet.

Before I started thinking about triathlon I would have counted swimming as the least of my worries behind running and cycling with clip in shoes. Hmmmm…. swimming is going to be my biggest challenge. Considering that I breast stroked my entire swim portion of my  Sprint Triathlon. The lake was very angry that day but people beat me by 10 mins despite the conditions. I really need to work on my form and I think that will greatly improve my speed and ability to go harder and longer…thats what she said (obscure The Office reference).

To further analyze swimming I think there is an innate fear of drowning that makes me panic a bit. I have trouble breathing on my left side so I have to either breath every 2nd or 4th stroke. When I get tired every 4 strokes makes me feel like I am drowning. My goal is to learn how to breath every 3rd stroke, that would make life so much easier.

When I started running I felt like the odd man out with no stamina or technique, but now I can run a sub 30 min 5k. Therefore the swimming can only get better. I think I will visualize a strong, elegant stroke, breathing every 3rd stroke, having enough air to swim as long as I need to.

Here is to adding the final element.


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    Nichole said,

    Rock on sister!

    You will not know it likely but I definitely see all the information and efforts you share with everyone on Facebook — Jillian would be proud of you!

    So even if I don’t normally comment — thanks for the inspiration, keep doing what you are doing — you are amazing!

  2. 2

    Practice doing bobs to help with your breathing. and to help you breathe on both sides, make sure you are rolling on both sides. I bet you do not roll your left shoulder/hip as much as you do your right.

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      seebettyrun said,

      Thanks Nicole it is nice to know you are out there “lurking” he he he.

      Coach Kaylynne thanks for the advice. I am going to the pool this afternoon to practice my strokes with some “catch up drills” and timed lengths, maybe some pull buoy.

      Thanks for the comments… Watch for the launch of the new site soon.

  3. 4

    danielle said,

    this is totally inspiring! greg’s been doing tri’s for a few years now, and i’ve been doing my half marathons (safely away from any open water) but i’ve decided to do my first sprint in the summer of 2011. i think i’m going to do summerland (tie it into the reunion visit or something). anyway, i’m totally nervous about swimming but i’m starting in september. scared but excited. thanks for always inspiring me to try the next thing. you rock.

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