Tattoos with meaning


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This is not my tattoo, just an idea off the ol’ Internet

Those of you that found your way here by googling star tattoos stick around and read a my blog. It is meant to be inspiring for those who want to lose weight, gain fitness, or just be inspired.

I watched The Proposal  this weekend. It’s a romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The movie was quite heartwarming as well as funny. Sandra Bullock’s character has a tattoo that has a special meaning (I won’t ruin it for you). I really want to make sure that I have the tattoo right before I commit it to my body. I think I am going to book the appt for September, after all of the swimming at the beach  sun exposure, and I hear they get booked up quickly. While I am waiting I will figure out where to put it and what exactly I want it to portray.


3 thoughts on “Tattoos with meaning

  1. 2fluffy2long says:

    A tattoo is a great way to display your feelings and to keep sight of what motivates you. I love your star idea. I have 3 already, but plan on getting another when I’m through.

    Good idea on finding the perfect one though. I was so excited about turning 18 and getting one that I didn’t find the perfect one for me and regret it a little now. I’m going to try to either cover it up with something or have it removed. It has some color, which I don’t like now. Thought about covering it up with all black ink. My other two are just black… love em.

  2. Tara says:

    Love it! I joined ULoss around the same time as you, one of my rewards when I reach my magic number is a tattoo as well!
    I am in, and have been in a rut this last month but sitting here reading through your blog has inspired me. Tomorrow I return to the clinic, pick myself up off the ground and get back on the wagon.
    Thank you!

    • seebettyrun says:

      Yay Tara,

      Good for you. Just pick up your socks and get back on track. That is truly the moral of the story. It is not just about sticking to the calorie limit, it is how you live your life on a daily,monthly, yearly basis. The true test is how fast and well you can get yourself back on track, because nobody gains 60lbs in 2 or 3 days.

      Do you know what is so creepy/cool. I work on the Maternity ward and I look at your pictures every day, and I was thinking that you should have your pictures featured on the table at U… and then you posted on my blog and then oh my goodness you have a beautiful display on the table at U today!! Life is really funny. I am going to get a professional photo taken once I am finished my journey. Maybe we have been drawn together for a reason.

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