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New shirts and a Fun Run

betty tshirtbetty tshirt back

Mark and I ironed my logo (that the lovely Danielle created), on to running shirts. We are going to run the Peachland Beach Run 5 k tomorrow. The shirts look great!! I will give and update on how the run went.

I have been thinking about giving away T-shirts to people who set, plan out and complete a fitness and/or weightloss goal. What do you think? Would you be interested in one? Let me know as a comment on the blog.


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New Challenges

one hundred pushups

I have conquered the 10 k and I am sure that a 5 k race will be okay. Mark and I have decided to try a new challenge. We are working on “one hundred push ups” it is a training program we found on the Internet. There is  a “200 sit ups” program as well that we started today. We are on day one of the sit up program and day two of the push up program.  After the first day of the push ups Mark and I were both sore in places we didn’t think should be sore after doing push ups. The program is progressive and eases you in to being able to do 100 push ups by the end of it. We’ll see how it goes. A new challenge is always good. Gives you something look forward to, a measure of success.

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becky charlie pride night

Is it fear of success or fear of failure that causes us to sneak things that are not part of our eating plan? A lot of people would say, “you can’t be so restrictive for the rest of your life, you need to have a treat every once in a while”. That might be true in the future after I am finished losing the weight. Every time I decide to take a little detour I send myself down the cravings pathway. I need to stay on track while I am trying to lose weight.

I do exercise frequently with intensity so it is not as if I can cheat a little bit and then work out more. This is an approach I might take once I am finished losing weight I think I can maintain my weight on a 80/20 plan where I eat very well for 80% of the time and have the opportunity to deviate for 20% of the time. If my weight goes up a bit or I indulge more than usual I will be able to kick up the exercise a notch and get things under control.

So why do I fear succeeding. Am I worried about being able to keep up the weight loss? Am I worried about unwanted attention? When I have a protective blanket of fat and unflattering clothing covering me up nobody can see me, or at least they can’t see the real me.

I have noticed that people are treating me with more respect. I know it is not fair but it is a fact of life. PEOPLE PERCEIVE FAT PEOPLE TO BE OUT OF CONTROL, UNORGANIZED, NOT AS SMART.  As I said not fair but true. I wonder if it is the fact that people see you respecting yourself and in turn they feel that they owe you the respect you are showing yourself.

Things that make me go hmmmmm…..

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The Pants

all dressed up with somewhere to go

all dressed up with somewhere to go

I have had a pair of capris in my closet for about 8 or 9 years that I have never been able to wear. I bought them at Costco and since there is no opportunity to try on clothes there I hoped they would fit when I bought them. Well they didn’t  and over the years they just got smaller and smaller, go figure.

I decided to try them on tonight and lo and behold they pretty much fit! They create a bit of a muffin top but they are on and I can sit comfortably without passing out.

As I have lost weight I have found joy in wearing things I haven’t worn in a while, such as necklaces, tighter clothes, cute blazers, more makeup, slinky underthings. Sophie and I found a really cute hat at the shoe store (not the hat store) and I really like how it looks. When I looked in the mirror with all of my hair back, under the hat, I could really see my weight loss in my face. I think I might go back and get that hat…It’s kind of a magical hat, sometimes you need to get those items that make you feel great.

I am getting more interested in fashion again. I used to love making up outfits and even thought I might like to go in to fashion design at one time. For the longest time I would pay more attention to purses and shoes rather than the clothes on   my body. I resigned myself to wearing ubiquitous Cotton Ginny t-shirts and baggy elastic waisted pants, a shapeless schlumpadinka silhouette.

Do you have something in your closet you would like to wear again? Do you miss wearing necklaces?  Not wearing makeup?

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Epiphanies and other things

 how i felt this week

how i felt this week

 I may have had a poor weight loss week but I have learned an immense amount about myself. I really do not like the weight loss blogs or forums that are a breeding ground for whining and self pity.  I realize that life is not all sunshine and roses, but I choose to make my blog a positive, inspirational place. That being said I need to walk through the events of the past week and how they manifested in to a small temporary weight gain.

My epiphany is the understanding of how so many parts of my life and interconnected and influence my health and wellbeing.

I worked 3 day shifts in a row with a night thrown in on the end. I just couldn’t seem to get myself to bed on time and my hours of sleep suffered. By the time my night shift rolled around I ended up with a full blown cold. Talk about immune response.

With this cold I couldn’t even think about exercising, could not breathe through my nose. I progressively became more and more grumpy. I became short tempered with the kids and everyone around me. The more my mood sunk the more my carb cravings became evident. I have confirmed that I try to elevate my mood by eating carbs.

During this time there was a fair amount of stress in my life due to a really messy house (renos) and talking about selling one of our vehicles. In the past, when I was stressed I would reach out for simple carbs like pasta, bread and rice, because the are plain and “easy to digest”. I have since figured out that I probably have a wheat sensitivity which causes worse digestive upset.

Talk about vicious cycle. The only way to get out of this cycle is to smash it. My dear friend suggested we go for a run on Tues and I agreed on the spot. Come Tues, I was starting to try to think of reasons to cancel…I did have a cold you know.

Well…I did the run! And it was wonderful. We ran for 4-5 k and finished strong. I took charge of strategic piles of mess at home and have my bedroom mostly organized and I will have fresh sheets to climb in to when I get off nights.

Planning is key to success. By now I am very good at making my dinner the night before work. There is more I can do, and a big part of that is asking for help in a clear and direct way. I thought about some small things that would make my life easier over the next couple of day and asked my family for the help. If people don’t know your needs they most likely will not be able to anticipate them. As painful as it is I am trying to ask for what I need/want and not hope someone will read my mind. “Well shouldn’t they be able to figure it out?”  Maybe they won’t, save yourself the frustration and ask when you need help.

Here’s to a better week ahead!

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BIG milestone



I have reached another weight loss milestone. Yesterday I was down 60 lbs. I wore scrubs that actually fit and everyone at work really noticed the difference in my appearance.  My ID tag has a picture on it from 2 years ago and that woman does not even look like me anymore. I should get a new one made but I think I will wait until all of the weight is gone.

My mom came up with a brilliant way of commemorating my weight loss incriments. She started giving me carefully selected collections of rocks, which she weighed with a scale down by the river. I think this is a cool way of visually representing the weight loss. I have two big piles of rock in my garden and I will be eligible for another now.  I look at the pile of rocks and think there is no way I could pick them all up and carry them for any distance.  HELLO!  You used to carry all that weight around everyday, no wonder it was hard to walk up stairs without gasping for air!

However you choose to do it having a visual reminder of the weight you have lost is very valuable. Some other ideas are.

:: buying bags of flour that represent the weight you have lost and in the end donate all the flour to the food bank.

:: bags of potting soil that represent the weight.  You will have all you need come gardening season and the flowers you grow will remind you of your accomplishments. A new beginning.

I have also tried to buy myself flowers for every 10 lbs I lose. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Treat yourself to the flowers. They don’t have to be expensive, buy yourself a bouquet of tulips or daffodils. Try to take a picture of yourself holding the flowers each 10 lbs and you will see the progression.

with flowers

Along with these medium term rewards it is important to have long term goals with rewards attached to them. For a major milestone I decided to buy myself an iPod. I could have justified the iPod earlier by saying I need it to exercise. The reward meant so much more because I resisted and earned it.


My ultimate reward in the end will be tattoos. I am still trying to choose the area of my body I would like to put the tattoos. I do actually like the look of the star tattoos on the foot in my previous post. I have been thinking a sprinking of stars along my side would look cool and I don’t need to have them on show all the time. I might get one star in my inner wrist to  be a small constant reminder of my journey.


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Awesome new header


Credit for the cool new header goes to my friend Danielle and my hubby Mark. Danielle designed the word graphics…super cool, just what I wanted and Mark put the header together with before and after pictures. I was toying around with just having the words with a plain background but I think people really like to see photos especially before and afters of weight loss. 

Hope you like it. I am going to make some running shirts with the see betty run logo on them, maybe a water bottle.Who knows.

Danielle has a great blog at go visit.

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