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Me and my Mom

Me and my Mom, originally uploaded by Rebar16.

Here are some photos from the Peach City 10k run. To see them on flickr click the picture above.


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Well eating according to plan has really paid off!! I am down 3.5 lbs this week. That is a total of 56.5 lbs lost total. I have lost them and I don’t intend to ever find them again, they might be under the couch  with the dust puppies. I promise I won’t go looking for them, I really do.

I commit to sticking to the plan for the next 3 days to make a total of 7. And then I will continue to stick to the caloric range but mixing up the foods I eat. I need to mix up the types of foods that I am eating turning in to a yammy oatmeal is not appealing.

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Day three eating commitment May 21/09

Breakfast: Oh my goodness Oatmeal again…can you turn in to an Oatmeal?

Snack: Yogurt and Berries with protein powder

Lunch:Pork tenderloin, yam (yep yam), salad

Dinner: Grilled chicken, wild rice 1/2 cup, grilled zucchini, grapefruit

Great eating day!! Avoided extra snacking. Drank lots of water put tiny bit of crystal light in 4 cups of water just for flavour. Worked 12 hours and then my loving husband convinced me to go for a 1/2 hour run. Me tired. Watched

So you think you can dance.  Oh boy another addiction now that American Idol is over.

Hope the weigh in goes well tomorrow, I am sure it will. 🙂

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Day two eating commitment May 20/09

yam pic

Breakfast: Oatmeal, crasins, walnuts, protien powder and milk

Snack: lets go nuts and honey (homemade protein bar)

Lunch: 1 cup of 1% cottage cheese, 2 cups fresh strawberries, tbsp chopped walnuts, apple

Dinner: Pork tenderloin, roasted yams (yes I am dangerously close to turning in to a yam), salad.

Lots of water, and no cheating at all. I was tempted to have an additional snack in the afternoon but that is not in the cards for this phase. I will persevere and show a good loss on Friday, oh yes I will.

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Day one eating commitment May 19/09

Breakfast: Oatmeal with crasins, walnuts and protein powder with milk

Snack: Let’s go nuts and honey (homemade protein bar)

Lunch: Salad from the Bench restaurant (cauliflower, beet and mandarin, spinach and strawberry), 1/2 lean gr beef patty

Dinner: Grilled shrimp 7 medium, 1/2 cup wild  and brown rice, tossed salad, grape fruit.

Approx 1300-1400 cals the range for the Accelerator/Reduce phase of the program.

I didn’t feel too hungry I took my supplements on time and when I felt peckish I examined if I was just bored, or conditioned to eat at that time. Did quite well.

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Commitment to nutrition

I have been eating very well for the past 6 months but I have fallen in to a bit of a rut (not a groove) I am running the risk of turning in to a chicken or a yam.Becky 10k start

I commit this week to follow the eating plans more carefully. I will post each day what I eat therefore being more conscious about the potential for deviation.  I know it sound so restrictive but I have committed to losing 90 lbs in about 10 months in a way that I will never have to lose that weight again so I have to be vigilant.

Here’s to commitment!!

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Mission accomplished

me and my girls

me and my girls

Well I did it! I ran my first 10k race, and it wasn’t as bad or hard as I imagined it would be. I made it in 1:02:40 a bit slower than my goal of 1 hour but I felt strong through out the race and I now have a time to beat. I was fortunate that this course is fairly flat with only one hill to contend with. So I suppose I will have to do some hill training to be able to keep my time down in future races. All part of the learning curve. I am really just so happy that I was able to finish the race strong, I did not walk once, and I could function after.

I had the greatest support team my mom and dad, mother in-law and father in-law, husband, kids, friends Mike and Heather. I think I had more support  for my 10k than some people have for Ironman!! Thank you everyone I felt really honored. Thank you to my friend Liz for running with me and pushing me so hard in the Sun Run training clinic.

Four months ago I could not run for more than 1 min without feeling completely winded.  Seven months ago I was 55 lbs heavier, depressed, poor digestion, schlumpy and miserable. Now I can officially say I can run close to a 6 min kilometer. 

One question….What is next?

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