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Training Buddies

This is a subject that I avoided for a long time. Training buddies. I have been kind of a work out loner in the past, shying away from joining exercise groups. What if they all stare at me, what if they are mean, what if nobody picks me for their dodge ball team…errr sorry grade school flashback moment.

My original training buddy is of the four legged variety. My dog Hoha. He is a goofy, persistent Chocolate Lab with a penchant for eating, well anything. Come rain, shine, or ass biting cold I took that dog out for a walk through the whole winter. I don’t know if I would have been so diligent about walking in the beginning phases of my weight loss had I not had a constant irritation (loving pet) around to motivate me. The pinnacle for my fondness for my dog came when I accidentally tossed a stick for him in to the channel that was covered by a thin layer of ice that I could not see. Hoha dove in the water and could not get back out because there was a thick layer of ice at the edge of the water. My love was tested as I had to get in the freezing water up to my waist and try to break the several inches thick ice. I ended up using my feet and my forearm to karate chop the ice bit by bit and Hoha struggle to the edge and hopped out like nothing had happened. Luckily I had the stamina to run for 10min to the spot where Mark met me and drove us back to my car. Thank you to my other buddy.

Bad boy training buddy on the couch

Bad boy training buddy on the couch


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How are you doing it?

Recently people have really started to notice that I have lost quite a bit of weight.  I have been working really hard for the last 6 months following a plan from U weightloss. Being a nurse and a pretty well read consumer you would think I could figure out how to lose weight.  But no it seems that the combination factors at  i.e. accountability, balanced, nutritious meal plans, support, supplements etc… have been key in my success. I believe that this is an investment in my future, this is the last time I will lose a large amount of weight. This is my Iroman, my Tour de France, my lunar walk. I have lost 53 lbs so far and I will post some pictures and stories from the past 6 months. Stay  tuned.becky-in-green1

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Who is betty?


At Disneyland close to my highest weight

My name is Rebecca or Becky. The nickname Betty came about during a pretty wild weekend at the cabin. I think Betty is evovling in a new persona… a fit, confident, inspirational character. I am coming in to my own. This blog will detail the journey from morbidly obese to fabulously fit. I hope to be an inspiration to others and myself. 

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